A list of some of the best Photocopier Machine Manufactures


A Japanese company with headquarters in the U.S. as Canon, USA. Canon was an early maker of copy machines. They specialize in optical, imaging, and camera products. They are one of the most popular brands in photocopy.



Another Japanese company that began, and is well known, in the photo or camera imaging business. All of their photocopy machines use a single platform called “Bizhub.



Based in Japan with sales offices all over the US, Kyocera began as a ceramic company that has adapted its ceramics to the manufacturing of copiers based on their ceramic drums. These drums allow Kyocera to offer longer warranties and longer periods between service.



A Tokyo, Japan based company with regional headquarters in the US as Ricoh USA, Inc. for the last 50 years. They introduced the fastest digital colour printer (15 pages per minute) in 1990.



 Known for their consumer electronics. Began making belt buckles in Japan long before copiers. In 1962 they established their first overseas subsidiary in New York City selling home appliances. They are now a leading manufacturer of TVs, microwaves, and copiers.



 A USA brand and company with headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. They are a household brand synonymous with the name “copy machine.” They have one of the widest range of colour copy machine models.



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