Introducing the HP PageWide Pro Enterprise Series

Introducing the new HP PageWide Pro Enterprise line of business printers. HP is reinventing printing, because when your technology defies expectations so do your people. Page Wide was born out of industrial web press printing technology. Industrial technology is how they have achieved blistering speeds. Best in class. Total cost of ownership and professional quality colour that's designed for small businesses and enterprise customers. HP PageWide technology has been thoroughly proven, printing over 140 billion pages to date. What's new is that they have scaled it down to create a new generation of business printers, ideal for teams of up to 15 people printing around six thousand pages per month with page wide printing.

Reinvention begins on the inside with a print head. Unlike a coloured laser printer that uses many different parts and components to print a page. The page wide print head is stationary. It's fixed in a single position and spans the entire width of the page. You have to see it to believe it. The page wide printhead is capable of accurately applying tens of millions of pigment drops per second from 40000 fixed nozzles with Paige White only the paper route and that big reinvention deliver.

Three major customer benefits. The first is speed, which equals productivity page wide prints at speeds unmatched by any printer in this class. It prints as fast as it can move the paper, which is up to 75 pages per minute for both colour and black and white, so you'll wait less and accomplish more. Second, minimal maintenance, which helps save time and money. With page wide, there are fewer moving parts. No drums, no fuses, no transfer belts. You will spend less time on scheduled maintenance that could interrupt your workflow. This is critical for businesses like multi shift manufacturing or health care who need 24/7 technology. Third, environmental advantages. There is no fuser to consume energy. Which means that page wide has the lowest carbon footprint in its class. The cartridges are small, which means less packaging waste, and with the highest capacity versions, customers can print up to 20000 black and white pages. And 16000 colour customers care more than ever about the environment.

HP PageWide is the right product for their needs. The print quality is exactly what you would expect from HP. Professional quality, colour and black text that's perfect for office use. High speeds extend the scanning, you can handle stacks of double- sided documents fast by capturing both sides of the page at once. Page wide represents reinvention at the intersection of speed, quality and cost of ownership, so you can reinvent how you drive your business forward.


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