What are Managed Print Services

Have you ever heard these words? I'm so tired of marketing hogging the printer for those  brochures. Can you print some other time? We're trying to get some work done here. Lucky for you, I know how to make these problems disappear through managed print services. What is that exactly?

Managed Print Services, or MPS is a third-party service provided by many copier and printer providers. The goal of managed print services is to assess, monitor and manage your printing needs and document management, to increase productivity and improve inefficiencies within your business and employees. So in other words, these problems are not ones you'll have to keep dealing with. Managed print services should be something to definitely consider, but if you're not sold on it yet, allow me to provide you some of the key benefits and expectations of partnering with an MP s provider.

Analysing printer usage through an analysis of your printing usage, paper flow and how much each department of your business is spending on printing costs. You can look first hand by managing the efficiency of your organization to see if there's room for improvement. Modifying printer placement, the placement of your office, copier or printer alone can alter productivity and efficiency through managed print services. A great service provider can move your office copier in a snap and can find a more optimal location in your office. 

Choosing the right printer for the right job, you may be paying for a copier that's not even meant to be operating specifically on the tasks or production jobs that you need it for. You could even be paying more than necessary for operating costs when in reality there is a more ideal and fitting printer out there for your business needs. That costs half as much through MPS, a service provider can recommend the right copier or printer that's geared more towards the needs of your organization.

Employees and customers. Automated delivery of supplies. One of the most common problems that results from owning an office copier is forgetting or neglecting to order more paper replacement toners in cartridges or any other important supplies that your copier needs to function well. MPS has that automated for you, so no more downtime. How does that sound? Also, if you have a project coming up that calls for an excess amount of supplies or equipment, your employee’s provider can help you with that.

All you have to do is place a call to them and give them a heads up. So we've convinced you or at least gotten you to consider to talk to your authorized printer or copy your dealer about managed print services.

Here's what to expect analysing your business. The first thing and MPS provider will do is analyse all of your printing processes. They'll look at your printing and document workflow. They'll review all your printing devices, printer placement, security, mobile connectivity and supply costs. They'll need to make sure that anything concerning your office copier is fully accounted for developing a plan. Once an MPS provider has everything mapped out and can pinpoint your needs or problems, they'll create a plan that optimizes printer placement, sets, print and workflow, recommendations for routing to specific devices.

Identify any equipment upgrades or replacements according to business needs, and decide whether mobile connectivity could enhance workflow. What they provide you is a list of savings that your organization can go through. Upon analysis, implementation and continued monitoring. Once you've given your MPS provider the green light, they'll begin implementation on the agreed features, analysis and programs you both selected. Keep in mind, there may be new processes, vendors, tools and even suppliers.

So make sure you and your team are well-informed and open to additional training. Monthly reports should be expected that go over the print health of your office equipment so you can be fully prepared in the future while also we're seeing return on your costs. There's so many benefits to partnering with a managed print services team. To put it simply, it could make your office workflows easy and carefree. And who wouldn't want that? Get in touch with a specilists from IBS Online to asssit your organisation.


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