Why buy a Refurbished Photocopier?

IBS Copier’s Refurbished Devices are carefully selected from repossessed and upgraded corporate Copiers and MFP Printers. All our devices are expertly refurbished by a team of OEM supplier trained technicians ensuring we constantly deliver a world class product to our clients.

  • Cost Effective

   The greatest benefit of purchasing a refurbished device is the price. Your business can save up to 80% when purchasing a refurbished multifunction photocopier as opposed to a new device.

  • Quality & Efficiency

Having been through a thorough refurbished process, our low usage devices are in excellent internal & external condition providing the best print quality.

  • Service Agreements

At IBS Online we offer a 5 year service level agreement ensuring consumables & spares are available for the duration of your contract.

  • Environmental Impact

When purchasing a refurbished copier, you limit used equipment and parts from ending up in a landfill site thereby reducing your business’s green footprint.

  • Warranty Available

We include an all-inclusive warranty on our refurbished copiers under the SLA. Any failure of the device will be repaired or swapped out with an equivalent model.

  • Fulfil Your Needs

 Purchasing refurbished equipment means your business can now benefit from higher-spec machine that you may not have been able to afford if purchasing new.


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