About IBS Copiers

 Office Automation Specialists

At IBS Copiers we provide our clients with high quality products at competitive prices, including our professionally refurbished photocopiers. We are here to assist companies make the best decisions when it comes to their office equipment needs. IBS  Copiers sources the best range of Office Automation products from the world’s leading suppliers, allowing our customers to experience unparalleled savings and performance on new and refurbished multifunction photocopiers.

IBS Copiers supplies world class service through our national network of affiliated service centres. With a total of 25 branches in the countrywide network IBS Online ensures comprehensive national roll-out ability and fast response times to ensure your businesses

IBS Copiers is a national organization, offers its customers solutions tailor made toward the South African Office Automation Market. By offering the best of various multi-function copiers brands, we place the intensity of decision in your control. Put your trust in us to experience huge cost savings and unrivalled service offered uniquely by IBS Copiers. We also supply to neighbouring Southern African countries e.g Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia. Lesotho & Malawi

At IBS Copiers clients are not tied up to one specific Office equipment brand but instead have the choice of browsing a wide variety of printer and copier brands choosing which best suits their Document Design needs and cost requirements.


Why we exist

To provide superior office printing solutions to our clients, with professional and well informed consultats to give clients the best products as well as after sales services.


To become the country’s leading supplier of office printing solutions and other related products by offering the best solutions at the most cost-effective prices.


  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Result orientation
  • Efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Discipline

Our Products

Our photocopiers range from A4/A3 colour or black and white multi-functional copiers and commercial sized digital photocopiers which are guaranteed to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. IBS Copiers will assist your business contain costs and achieve results with improved equipment choices. In today’s turbulent economic climate it is undoubtedly extremely important that business owners choose the most cost- effective solutions to run their businesses.

Critical Questions We Ask When Selling a Copier:


Are you printing A4 or A3 black and white only or do you require A3 colour as well?


What are your monthly print volumes?


How many users will be connected to the multifunction copier?


Do you have an existing network set-up in your office?


Do you require a network cable?


Functionality to be installed e.g. scan to email, scan to pc, user pin codes, PLC print and Prescript Print.



1. What are available payment options for my photocopier purchase?
  • Rental or Finance
  • Outright Purchase via eft or Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card